Welcome to my private page, devoted for my favourite and absolutely best breed of the world- RUSSIAN TOY.

My name is Karolina Jurshane, i am from Latvia, Jurmala and i love russian toys since i was 12 years old.





Me with our first russian toy, me age of 12

(in our family we had some russian toys and puppies too, because my grandmother have kennel too, but here you can read about my personal work)




In age of only 14 i prepared money (from lunch money that parents gave me to school)  for my first, PERSONAL russian toy- JOSEPHINE, she was perfect, long haired, black & tan girl, really small, weight 1.7kgs. With her i really get in love with dog shows and handling other breeds. She was full of temperament and love. Sher and Mažasis Elfas bloodlines







Josephine at age of 13 months


She gave me my first litter, one boy, called BRILLIANT (Bryulik), but unfortunately he passed away in age of 3months, he was extra small and can not live by himself, his weight was only 480grams... At the same time, in summer 2011, my dream dog Josephine was stolen from our garden.. 




In august 2011 i started a new period and got my second long haired russian toy FOXY (Alaya In Vogue)

She is much bigger and stronger russian toy, with excellent health and coat. Djaz Band bloodlines.



Now in our kennel we have also Foxy's daughter IRIS, her daughter BARCY and boy imported from Russia - TWIX, and two smooth-haired energizers RASHA and RIXA :)

In 2015 our kennel was registered in FCI with name VIVA VIVENDI.

Feel free to contact me if you have some questions about breed or puppies.

Thank you for reading my story.



Latvia, Jurmala, Riga

+371 20223359